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Friday, October 8, 2010

I need money. (edited)

As soon as I'm thin enough, I'm going to whore myself out on the internet. Because, ladies, there is this huge thing where I'm not allowed to get a job because of something stupid I did at my last job. I'm not eligible for rehire, and thus can't make money on my own.

So I'm gonna be a prostitute. Probably starting late april, open to girls and boys. If you know someone who's interested, send them on over.

GOD I am so depressed right now. T_T

EDIT: I feel better now, got some diet coke. I'm excited for this! It's more reason to lose weight, right? And do some MAJOR crunches. I'm gonna be beautiful AND get money for it. I'm gonna see if I can't get some practice on some horny teenagers while I'm still fat though. I know this guy who's almost like my stalker.

My pay rate will be low at first, a pack for lap dance and such, but two or three packs for anything sexual. Hard cash for going all the way. I'm thinking...fifty bucks? I'll post a picture (it'll burn your eyes!) later and let you guys decide. Then I'll start putting progress pics.

However, most of my money is going towards paying off debt. Only like 15 bucks, but out of twenty? It'll be a while before I get some sexy lingerie.

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