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Saturday, October 16, 2010

real life thinspo and reverse thinspo

So I'm meeting my client today, but I'm on my period so only oral for him. It's about fifty dollars and maybe a free lunch. It's cool how since this started I don't freak out about eating. I still weigh and measure myself every day, but it's good to know some people (even old married men) find me 'sexy'.

Thank you all for the comments. And anonymous, I have considered an escort agency, but there aren't any in el paso.

To all the others: Thank you for caring about me so much. I love you guys. Now on to my actual post.

 ^ My friend brittany
 Some chick waiting for the bus
 haha from my text book
 A family of four consumes about three hundred pounds of fat in a year. Enough for this guy to make a big ass pig!

 ^ taylor swift
 ^ megan fox
 ^ heidi klum
 ^ a girl leaving the class before mine started
 ^ aguy in my english class
 fat chick on the bus
 YOUNG fat chick on the bus
 people leaving the library
 a girl I saw while waiting for the bus. There's another that you can see all her bones, but I keep missing her and she moves too fast for a picture.
 wow. lots of fat people take the bus, huh?
 girl at the transfer station
 This chick just wouldn't stop eating! Seriously? It was disgusting!
 me. :/
and finally, a chick so fat she needs a wheelchair.

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