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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

lucky me

I think I'm getting my period soon. Either that, or these diet pills are having some weird side effects. Anyway, I'm now going to my therapist about once a week. My father yelled at me for this, saying that I should just find a friend if I need a "buddy" to talk to. He doesn't know the half of it. I want to stop purging and cutting and smoking. I need help for that.

Also, I'm not going to eat. period. They can do whatever they want--kick me out, take away my computer, take away my tv and phone--I don't care. I'm not eating. period. I'm sick of hiding it and not seeing the scale move at ALL.

It was so much easier before recovery. Now I'm plateued at my starting weight, which sucks. Support, please? Your comments really do make me feel better.


  1. what diet pills are you on?
    im on apidexin and detoxufree72 and not sure if theyre working, they just take my apetite away but its already gone. and do they burn fat? i havent taken them for a few days but im going to start again tomorrow
    if you are plateuing just eat less and less and excersize more, its the only way
    you can fast or a good diet i hear a lot of the models do is canned food diet
    sounds gross but it works, you see how skinny they are
    you just chose any canned food, most of them are low cal, corn is the best and make it last the whole day with breakfast the biggest portion and decreasing throughout the day (5 "meals")
    i think a can of baby corns is like 200 cal which will make you loose weight over a week or so
    good luck stay strong, sounds like you are doing good
    i like comments too, means someones out there
    ill share my stats with you when i get my scales back and im thinking of making a vlog tomorrow
    anyways i should go to bed, maths exam tomorrow
    good luck fasting and thanks for the tips :)

  2. grace: I'm on some dollar store fat burning diet pill. And the plateuing is my fault: I've stopped purging, but still have mini binges. But I'm so sick of food right now--I had the smallest bite of chicken this morning and immediately felt super nauseous. So we'll see how long I go without eating and you'll hear of the fights I get in with my parents about it.

  3. I hate the stupid platue. Fuck it. One day after like a week on nothing you will wake up and you will have droped and it will be awsome. Stupid periods should die in a hole. Any one say birth control. Me,,, any ways diet pills, hmm... I dont buy cheep ones cuss they scare me more than excedrin OD possiblities.