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Saturday, October 2, 2010

so far, so good.

Day two of the abc diet. So far, I've had two hundred calories (four bites of a chocolate glazed donut--I hope to god I'm overestimating) I had two bites before I realized what I was doing. My dad was still in the room though, so I had to pretend that I liked it. I waited until he went into the dining room to throw it away.

I've invested in special K meal replacement bars (170 cals each) and orville redenbocker's 100 calorie popcorn, so I have something to snack on once we run out of apples. My dad's cooking curry tonight...I guess it's healthy enough. I'll eat around the beef and take minimal rice.

Exercise wise:
Yesterday I did 100 side leg lifts, 100 backwards leg lifts, 100 front lef lifts, 100 situps.
Today: 200 situps so far.

I wanted to have another donut, but I killed the craving with a cigarette and the situps, so good.

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