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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

news from the prostitute

So I have, officially, a "sugar daddy". He's coming in tomorrow to see me and take me out to lunch. I'm going to make a wishlist of things he can buy me. I'll see about getting an "allowance", and hey. If it doesn't work out? I'll find another one.

I love this! I'm feeling WAY more confident in my body now.

The downside: He's, like, 48 years old. A cute, sweet, family (yes, he's married) kind of 48, but still....what do you guys think? Should I go on?


  1. Ohmyfreaking gawd! I thought you were kidding about the whole "going pro" thing! Holy shit, girlfriend. You *are* not a nice girl :) That line is pure gold, btw.

    I have absolutely nothing against older men; they are my "type", but married? That's playing with fire, in my opinion. Maybe they're seperated, or she doesn't mind hubby getting some strange... otherwise, I would advise against.

    There are so many single men in the world, non? And it's not like you want to marry the guy, just get paid!

  2. I don't think you should go through with this if you have concerns about his age. Why meet this guy if you really don't want to?

  3. you shouldn't do it if you can't live with it. I don't want to talk about any social norms or anything and I know I should say DON'T do it, however since I'm one of those people that believes in -to each their own- I can't get myself to. However PLEASE be careful. I hope he doesn't expect anything of you that you're not willing to give. Which some "sugar daddys" get like that. so more than anything else PLEASE BE CAREFUL!!!

  4. My advise to you (valid or not) is seriously do not involve yourself with married men, I'm not going to call you a home wrecker or anything like that because I don't believe that's your intention, but it's risky business...that saying you know 'a woman scorned' it's true, girls and women don't like their men to fuck about and when they do they always blame the woman it was with, never the man! Just take care of yourself and if you have decided that your going to exchange your services for cash then do so with a reputable escorting agency. They take good care of their girls and they ensure that your not abused, beaten or ripped off. The going rate for a night at all good agency's is at least £150 an hour and that's just for a standard date, overnight it's around £1000 depending on the clients.
    I don;t advise escorting because that again is risky it comes hand in hand with drugs, which are needed to block out the pain and disgust you may feel with yourself afterwards. But they will offer you more protection and much better rate's of pay than going it alone. x