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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

confessions of a reformed bulimic

So many posts ago I posted a rough story of my past, of how I got here. This is where I am now.
When I got out the hospital, I had an heart complications, low potassium, and barrett's esophagus. After I was well again and in recovery, I relapsed. My very first purge my body went into freak out mode. My heart immediately started going irregular and I couldn't stop shaking. And now I'm scared to death of being sick because my body can't tell the difference between a purge and being unintentionally sick.

The next time I throw up, I could die.

It kinda scares me. Only because I'm no longer suicidal and I've actually made some friends here and in real life that might care if I die.

Oh, and by the way, read Dylphe's blog. It's awesome and she's a really good friend.

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  1. aw man that sucks and i wish this could make me change my ways but logic never wins i just hope to get rid of that bitch!!!
    i'm so glad though that you don't want to kill yourself and that you made real friends. as in friends who are there physically.
    and i love you too hun thanks for the whore out ^_^. And any of her followers who read this comment Avani is awesomness!!!! and don't you forget.
    oh and totally not triggered i'm on food disgust mode at the moment which i'm happy about. but yeah 26 nuggets aren't shit for people who binge that's like the pre-appetizer lol