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Monday, December 13, 2010

turning dreams into goals

So. remember that dream future I posted before? I'm going to work at making that dream a reality.

In the future, I will look good in anything I wear. How? Confidence. I will love my body no matter what size it is.

My best outfit will be a purple blazer and black pants, about um....let's say $250 for a real fancy one?

and I can get away with wearing hand painted shoes that don't match. This one's easy. just plain old shoes and some paint. :)

I will know portion control and I will not purge or deny myself anything. these portion pals actually look interesting. I might try them out.

I will not smoke, hmm....well, for 30 days I will use the indoor treadmill instead of walking outside, so I have less chance of coming across a cigarette I want to smoke. Also, I have no school, so there will be no one I can bum off of.

and my favorite drink will be 0 calorie flavored water. mmm I love the third one here, wildberry splash. Delicious!

I will have a customized jeep. It'll be custom painted with my book art on it.

and at least three published books.

I will own my own practice,

along with the building that holds my offices.

I will use art therapy and learn a lot about my patients. because art therapy really helped me in the hospital.

I will be able to relate to my patients,

and I will make a big difference in the world.

I'll have a big house by the beach. Yeah, this is a hotel. I'm gonna buy a hotel and turn it into a house.

and a dog that doesn't shed.

I will only drink alcohol socially.

At the end of every year I will hold a banquet in my ballroom for my office staff and the group therapy patients.

I will come home at 6PM and work out for half an hour to an hour ONLY.

Oh, and money. I'll be a registered dietitian as well as a licensed therapist

And once a week I'll go to the beach and just...think, you know? Think about how far I've come and how proud I am of myself.


  1. You inspired me with this post, I wish for all these things to really happen for you.