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Thursday, December 9, 2010

A happy post for dylphe.

Because she's so stressed out and needs some good news.

Things are finally starting to look up. I'm glad I'm in college, because the eight hours a day at high school would not have been good for me. Now I have time to work out at my own pace and meditate. My mother took me out to mcdonald's yesterday, but I'm glad I saved calories for dinner because I was still under my daily intake. *trying* to work out using various wheeled objects helped too. I fell on my ass so much I decided walking is just fine for me.

I'm at school right now waiting for the dean to approve my form so I can skip the last remedial english class and go straight into something that will count towards my degree.

And good news! I managed to get my schedule so I have an AA instead of an AS. That means easier math and science for me! And I don't have to face pre cal EVER again.

yesterday I was feeling hungry. like actual hunger, but instead of binging like I normally would, I had a tomato and my hunger was sated. I'm so proud of myself. :)

The bittersweet news is I got my period. It's good because it explains the cramps and shit I was feeling yesterday, but bad because there's no such thing as a happy period. screw the always ads.

mmm I don't think there's anything else. But I'll check in again if there is.

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  1. this post did make me smile yesterday already but my phone refuses to let me post comments so it's a bit belated but thank you for thinking of me and i'm so happy things are moving forward for you!!