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Sunday, September 26, 2010


Two followers! In honor of this, I shall post an actual update.

So I'm still huge this morning, even though my muscles are screaming at me for yesterday (you know, the seven minute workout? It works.) I've invested in some 100 calorie right bites for when I'm good. I got the keebler fudge brownie ones and OH MY GOD they are so good. They're so delicious I can't eat more than half the little package without feeling insanely guilty. You should get some.

And I've been doing better with my purging. I made a rule to myself that I will NOT purge at home--which takes most of my opportunities away. So I have a big breakfast at school, or purge dinner when I get to my evening class...you know how it is. But I'm getting better.

God, I love starving. I love hunger. But I hate that every time I;m forced to eat it turns into a binge which I then have to purge. I even found some sea salt, so I may try the saltwater flush if my damn weight doesn't go down soon.

There's really not much more to post today, and my arms are complaining at the muscles that I'm using to type. So feel free to ask me a question, any question. Or comment. Something I can blog about would be nice.


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