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Saturday, September 25, 2010

I'll try anything once.

So I'm trying the infamous "seven minute workout". Here's what it looks like:

"Here are some of the exercises that are on the tape..

It's all about tightening your muscles and holding it for 25 seconds..release and do this 3 more times..changing positions.

1. Your arms: hold your arms out to the side at a 90 degree angle..elbows bent and hands making a fist, facing upwards..now squeeze your arms like crazy for 25 secs and hold in your tummy..Release after 25 secs..Then move your arms 2 inches up..tighten and release..move them again, repeat, and one more time moving them like you were flexing your biceps..

2. Your triceps: bring your arms in back of you, make a fist..tighten your arms and squeeze your shoulders together..25 secs..hold..release..raise your
arms 2 inches higher, squeeze and release..On this one, you can lean your torso a bit forward..Repeat raising the arms until they are as high as they will go in back of you..Squeeze those shoulders/arms..

3. Your fanny: Stand on the floor..on the balls of your feet..have a chair a foot in front of you and use the back of the chair for balance..thrust out
your pelvis and squeeze your fanny for 25 secs..release and repeat 3 more times..You will feel it all down your leg..and as you thrust your pelvis forward you will feel it more..

There is a face one that is really hard to explain..

Does this make sense??"

The hype says you lose up to ten pounds the first 14 days, and that's WITH eating. we'll see.

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