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Monday, September 27, 2010

Song lyric time!

I've been meaning to post this for a while, sorry. But these are snippets of songs that I really like.

"And my foot slips
but I don't quit
and my hand grips the rock
something pulls deep
from within me
till I get there I won't stop
... .... .....
I'm headed for higher ground
way up here, the air is thinner
feels like I can go so far."
---Higher ground, Alexz Johnson

"I'm not that ill.
Bad moments come, but they go
some days are fine.
some a little bit harder.
but that doesn't mean
we should give up our dream
have you ever seen me defeated?
don't you forget, what I've been through and yet
I'm still standing."
---your little body is slowly breaking down; madonna and some guy; Evita soundtrack

"Avalanche is sullen and too thin
She starves herself to rid herself of sin
And the kick is so divine when she sees bones beneath her skin
And she says:
Hey baby can you bleed like me?
C'mon baby can you bleed like me"
--bleed like me; by garbage

"I overcame my bone structure and metabolism
I made myself engage in mind-numbing conversation
A fad diet left me with skin, bone and bitterness
starved myself to a petite listening to repetitive electro shit
Prey to the fairies
she got her wish
tied up and vacuous
she made the switch
step into her carriage
put on the ritz
saliva laced malicious
skinny little bitch"
----skinny little bitch; by angelspit

"They pull up their chairs to the table
She stares at the food on her plate
At the toast and the butter
Her father, her mother, she pushes away
She gets home from school too early
And closes the door to her room
There's nothing inside her
She's weak and she's tired of feeling like this
They call her for dinner, she makes up a reason
She looks at her arms and she rolls down her sleeves
And her mother is starting to see through her lies
And last night her father had tears in his eyes"
---she's falling apart; lisa loeb

"She wasn't born anorexic, but nowadays she suffers,
staring at these half-naked stars on magazine covers.
feeling pressured by the public.
She only weighs 90 pounds but still sucks in her stomach.
On the inside she's dying, lying to herself, thinking:
- 5 more pounds won't jeopardize my health.
One day she might just collapse, she can't avoid it.
Too many sleepless nights spent bent over a toilet.
Spewing vomit, like she was an alcoholic.
Praying to a God she never believed in to stop it.
Hasnt eaten in weeks, drinks water by the heaps
Now she looks like a skeleton she sees in her closet.
So close to death she can taste it, body looks wasted.
Hates life, hates you, hates the way she looks naked.
Now she's feeling drowsy, lousy,
thinking maybe this world's better off without me"
---somebody I once knew; by dead celebrity status

there are more, sure. But these are my favorites. :) What are your favorite lyrics?

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